Friday, 26 February 2010

Quick Message

Dan can you send the rockwell rig to my ravemail so I can get some practise animation done after the dissertation. Cheers mate.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

New Fundraising Idea

Sam... What you think
Sell unwanted Items on Ebay? lol  If everyone gets an old game (that they don't like obviously) and don't want it anymore ... I know I could sell a couple - might get about a tenner each together?
I'm probably going to do it anyway after the dissertation.

Catch ya soon boyo!

Message from Simon



I hope you all read your email and can pass this on to people in your
groups that i may have missed out, sorry if i have.

Im not sure if mike has emailed you about tomorrow (WEDNESDAY) but there is a photo
shoot happening in the design studio for us, the times will be between
9:30 and 3, so pretty flexible.  Im not sure if they will do this again,
so it will be the only time you can get a photo for the degree show
website, otherwise if you dont it will be you running round trying to find
who you need to give a picture to (if they will allow this).

If you dont well, people wont know who you are when they look at the website.


Sunday, 21 February 2010

With all the fixins

Yo Yo Dan I managed to fix most of those problems with the Hitman.
I got rid of the deformation around his mouth/cheek. As a result the mesh curls a little at the point where the lips meet on the sides of the mouth but to see it you really have to zoom in.
As for the arms in screenie 2 is as far up as I could move them without having to drastically remodel the rest of the torso.
So all is good.
Cept I forgot what you said about the hair so I havn't done anything with that.


To Dan,

Probably easier if i meet you at college tomorrow morning. I checked the map and for me i would have to drive down to sevenoaks then back up again and past the college ish. Let me know what you think and what time etc.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Final Poster

Quick post to show you guys the final poster design. Hope you like it. Hopefully I can get it printed tomorrow and up on the board.

Monday, 15 February 2010


Yo quick question, I'm having a pop at the UV's. Just a quick one mind. In the tutorial I'm following the woman doesn't smooth out her model before doing all this shizz. So should I unwrap the UV's on the unsmoothed model or is it generally better to smooth it out first?

Thanks in advance.


Sunday, 14 February 2010

Quick Note:

I know over the next week or so, everyone is going to be prioritising there dissertation which is no bad thing. When we hit early March, we can all crack on a get some nice work rendered out without any other submissions to worry about (apart from ppd).

Good luck with the essays guys!

Note to Dan: Me and you will get the schedule done over the next couple of weeks.

Friday, 12 February 2010

Apologies to Ferhan

Yo man sorry I didn't send you the hitman last night, I had some troubles with my internet connection but it's all jigga now, I'm sending it over so check your rave mail if you see this first.

Thursday, 11 February 2010


Lack of MS Project has lead me to take action on MY blog page (Scroll all the way to the bottom).  If you guys want a version of my Schedule I can add to it easily and add it to the bottom of this blog as well.    I'm going to add things on it as I see fit however if it goes onto this page I will work on it with Sam (ps Sam we do need a schedule for FORMATIVE on the 11th March - under a week after Diss hand in!)

Sorry To Ruin Everyones Day

PPD tomorrow at 1.30 I believe.  See you there... or not... anyway yeh its happening but it's not a formative I don't think.
SORRY for bringing the bad news.

List of Jobs

This is along with your dissertation - as it'll be taking up most of next week for most of us.  If you can get some of this done would be appreciated.
Samie - Model a Van and begin to make textures in Photoshop.

Danie - Continue lighting.  Finish Modelling and Begin texturing.

Stewie - Continue with the room Motel room.  Get it as finished as possible (understandably you have the dissertation to do as well so just do a bit at a time)

Furrrrie - Continue Blendshapes and rigging tutorials with Sam and maybe Dan on Monday.

Joshie - Begin creating textures for characters.  Character layout UVs?  Play around with the textures... lighting them.

Spencie - unwrap UVs when we are ready to send you files.

This is Sam and Dan's List of when we'll be around next week
Friday - working from home (Dissertation)
Monday - We'll be in with Ferhan (Blendshaping in College)
Tuesday - Home (Dissertation)
Wednesday - College half day if possible (Dissertation for tomorrow)
Thursday - (Dissertation)
Friday (PPD Formative)

Cool. Any questions ask Sam or Dan



Anyone started any Uvs yet? if not... start it !!

By all means send me the most important objects that need uv-ing at the moment & i'll do what i can.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Rave Live Deadline

17th May... Minus about 10days to give to the Editors - So lets say Wednesday 5th May

Guys - I think we can make it if we continue at this rate. We could have a VERY decent trailer going on by then to work as a promo for our film and get people interested in it.

The Runner Short Film

The Runner from Richard Spriggs on Vimeo.

Some really nice animation and camera movements, good inspiration. I know it's at night, but still. The room lighting is very effective in creating the build up and mood. Love Sam.


Yo people, i'm kind of having trouble with sculpting the mesh to make the facial expressions from joshes concept. I know how to do blendshapes but for some reason i can not do it on the target. My sense of expressions is shockinng and i wont be able to produce some from my head. I was thinking if either Sam or Josh creates the expressiosn for the characters and then i will produce the blendshape and controls. Let me know guys

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Opening Shot...

This was the Before

i've boosted the shot - aka... I've made it darker... made it fit in more with the mood and made it so that we can fade from black easily - rather than that grey version we had

Limited Colour Palette

After a brief word with Jared yesterday, he mentioned about keeping the colours limited but still giving an impression of daylight. Possible using a small selection of colours, white, greys and reds to highlight important areas. Blue also helps give an indication of sky reflected on metallic surfaces.

Sunday, 7 February 2010


Just wanted to ask if we were in for Monday?

Friday, 5 February 2010

Quick Note

I added Dummy and Red River to our blog list. We can now access them all from our Whack'd Site guys.

Reaper Short Film

Check it out guys, some nice animation.

...the most powerful handgun ever made

Did these today while Sam was round, we couldn't think of any other expressions he is going to make since he is like a Clint Eastwood stylie dude.
I would elaborate but it's friday and I'm tired :P
Happy Weekend, see y'all Monday.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

3D Intro Block-Out

Just completed a rough blockout for the intro. Think the timing is good at the moment. Gives you enough of a pause to take in the credits and then back to the action. 4 seconds of footage, 3 seconds of credits, that's the rhythm. Let me know what you think. Oh I used Lew's music too.

Mr Spielbergo

Just some inspiring words from the film-making God that is Steven Spielberg!

Digital StoryBoard

Ok guys... I've slapped this together so we can all see what we have so far in terms of shots for our film. From this we'll (hopefully) come to an agreement on what shots we should keep - using the camera angles and actual 3D environments we have. This will save us on texturing and lighting areas that WONT be seen (and also modelling.... the bed can hardly be seen GRrrr) haha no worries though - I'm just kidding.

But yeah... Hope you can see the benefit. Once we fill ONE page of A3 (we are nearly half way atm) I'll print it out and put it on our board.

Keep it up guys!

Wednesday, 3 February 2010


i also added jiggle on the sleves of the target, watch carefuly

Clothes moving

I spent the whole day doing dissertation and i though i would give maya a crack. I managed to get the movments in the targets clothes as he lifts his leg up. I am unserstanding the basic priciples of the jiggle tool, but again i would have to paint weigts for the jiggle deformer which tbo isnt that bad


Quick update, just finished the sheet of expressions for the Target. I could only think of-

nervous smile

His expressions will probably be these or variations on these, but this are the key expressions I could think of. Not sure how well they will translate into 3D but I hope it gives y'all a rough idea of how the expressions should work.


Hope you like a test render with a cheeky lil bit of dust!! I'm not quite finished with it... but thought I'd let you see it :)

Top One Should be slightly better... Made it so that he is cutting out the light

Just a lil one

Theres a Dust Simulation (pretty bad Res) on my blog. - guy looking through the slits

Important Info for Joshy!

If you can get a rough (sketch) expression sheet of the hitman and target done over the next few days that would be wicked. Can wait until the weekend if you like. Maybe give Ferhan a hand in researching blend shapes for the face as he may need some assistance.

Cheers buddy.

Important Info for Ferhan!

Just spoke to Edge, he said to complete the blend-shape for the facial expressions before rigging the characters, or later it will cause major bruck-up problems. I suggest you stop rigging for the moment and research blend-shapes for the face and set driven keys for the face.

If you can get some done without an expression sheet, that would be cool for now. Make sure you have a clear understanding of the process of blend-shaping by next week.

Any problems, give myself or dan a shout. Stu might also have an idea. If know idea we'll have to get together next monday, when Jared is in to disscuss the issues (if any).

Hope all goes well mate.
Speak to you soon.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010


Right so, they removed my foot from the monitor and I merged them vertices like they ain't never been merged before. They were like `OMG HE MERGED US UP SOMETHING FIERCE!`
Well anyway, the Hitman is finished, EXCEPT! for a little bit at the back of his neck which I'm really not cool with at the moment. But I'm too tired right now to deal with it so i'll just keep tweaking it till he needs to be bound to the rig.
I hope it's alright for y'all.
Ferhan just let me know when you need it for rigging and I'll send it over.
Probably see y'all tomorrow.

Screenplay Updated



[Fade in from black]

A door opens, casting light and the shadow of a figure into a dark room.
The contracted killer opens his suitcase and begins to assemble his rifle. He positions himself at the window and begins to look through the scope to focus on the various windows of a Motel across the road. Finding the correct room, he then begins to take aim and zooms in slowly.


A man (target) is inside the room drinking a can of beer, we see a bullet travel past and miss. Due to the volume of the TV (news programme) he doesn't realise anything at this point.


The Hitman, getting slightly agitated and reloading as quick as he can taking aim and firing a couple more rounds off. Again looks through the rifle scope and begins to look more frantic.


The target, still drinking his beer but this time he goes to take a swig and a bullet hits his can causing it to leak all over him. Realising he's being targeted he ducks down in his seat then jumps to the window. Poking his head round the corner more bullets come through the window causing him to jump back. He then lowers the window blinds obscuring the Hitman's view.


The Hitman is really worried at this point, reloading and shooting more often. POV shot, the scope darting around, looking for a shot.


Cutting back to the target we see him slide down the wall in fear. He peers out through the blinds to see the Hitman running across the road with a pistol in his hand still shooting at the window.

The Hitman smashes through the door. The door smashing causes the target to fly back and land on his back. The Hitman appearing to be out of ammo he throws a knife. Missing the target once again.

At this point we see the target looking down his body, his hands patting himself down, checking if he’s been hit. Backing away from the Hitman in fear until stopped by something behind him.

Out of frame a hand falls on his shoulder causing him to jump.

Fast camera zoom out. The target realising that there’s a MASSIVE (mountain) pile of bodies (assassins) dressed in black with knives and silenced pistols etc.
He jumps up and grabs the Hitmans leg in fear...shaking (like a baby).


The Hitman, successfully completed his mission and walks outside, the target still clutching his leg.

Outside, more assassins in the parking lot (swords, cracking necks and knuckles). The Hitman, looking annoyed gets ready for action and closes the door behind him.

[Possible extended ending with tracking shot]

End credits.


Sam... Minimum Order for Krispy Kremes are 12 Dozen... Means we guna have to go all out ... also have to book two weeks in advance to get the order. Could Do a Fundraiser 2 weeks from now... One Wednesday Lunch Time? What you think?

Possible Ending

Ok... This IS WAYYYY to fast. I know this. lol but I'd just thought I'd put it up anyway... rather than ending the way we have done we have like a pan around the ninjas in the car park before the hitman walks into the camera drawing his gun --- as he walks INTO the camera it cuts to black as he walks over it.

I was only considering this as it seems we have a bit of an odd situation where we had it all lined up when he goes to the door... but then we see the ninjas... how I don't know ... I know we want to see behind them looking in ... so i prepose this kinda shot. Its hard to show you without actually having the timing there so I'll attempt to explain it in WORDS :s

First bit through the legs is a realisation so should be slow ... let the audience take it in and you see a ninja just step forward just by a crack his neck (this is from a distance)
Secondly once through the hitman's legs the camera pans right quick quickly (the through the hole shot may WELL be cut... i'm liking it less and less). Its a quick spin around the space between the front door (which the hitman is now taking a step out of to get a better view) and the ninjas themselves.
Once it reaches the ninja up the top of the telephone wire the camera slows down. Still focusing on the hitman and characters below (ninja up here out of focus) you see the ninja draw a sword as the camera moves with this.... it speeds up again as he finishes drawing it....
Back to street level...
We see the crowd drawing closer to the hitman and we see the hitman look left and right.... then he moves forwards ... camera moves into him.... as he draws his gun. and cut to Black.

Now watch the film (bad timing)...please note... N Stands for Ninjas




It was a TINY render - only 2mb :p

Monday, 1 February 2010


A Reply From Philip Hunt... well.... one of his team anyway

Ren - Production Coordinator @Studio aka
Was semi useful however I'm not going to post the info from them up here... twas PRIVATE lol :p
but yeh... heard back from them :) nice guys.

PS Sam... what date is the degree show and what is it called where it is .... the RSA?? I need to see it in writing before I reply to these guys and say please come :p lol


I was hoping to be showing y'all the finished hitman and I should be because I was bloody close to finishing it but I just got like 4 fatal errors in a row just trying to merge verts and I lost patience with it. So we're all going to have to wait another day while the doctors remove my foot from the monitor and patch it up.

Basically he is finished it's just a matter of putting the head on the body, I had to change the hair on him a little to make it work but it's aight.

Anyway look forward to my final update on the Hitman tomorrow.


Hey Guys...
I know we're not scheduled to be in... but if anyone wants to speak to either Sam or I in person about anything... we will be in Rave tomorrow (Monday) from around Lunch time doing a number of different tasks and BullS*t... scheduling and talking doughnuts :p lol If not... keep working on the dissertations but remember we do have a film we want to finish as well!
Keep it up guys!
A Term and a half (ish) LEFT NOW!